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HAGAKURE - Yamamoto Tsunetomo

About me.

Tech Stack

Hello friend.

I am a Digital Artist & Software developer. Born and raised in Montenegro.

I'm a software developer fueled by challenges and a love for creating. With a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Technologies, and three years of hands-on programming experience, I'm on a constant quest to create innovative solutions that make a positive impact.

Interested in backend development and mobile.

  • Developed web applications using JavaScript, Node.js, React, HTML, CSS, and PHP 8.
  • Implemented the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern to structure and organize software components effectively.
  • Built both front-end and back-end functionalities using the MVC pattern to separate concerns and improve code maintainability.

Check me out :

My projects.

Barber Ben

💈 Personal project Frizer Ben is mobile android app created in Java and backend in Node.js using Herokuapp and mySQL.

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QR MENU Piccolo bar

Project QR MENU Piccolo bar is simple menu of products done in pure PHP, HTML and CSS.

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Chirps is a twitter like project made in Laravel for learning purposes.

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Vibelow CMS

Vibelow CMS is content manager app made using Laravel framework.

Not publicly available.

Gallery Art (OS System Design)

Gallery Art is a project made in React for learning purposes available only for laptop and desktop devices.

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